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Should we kill the lovers So we can still be friends And now it's feeling like a start When I thought that it would end 20 years just disappear With your timeless smile Can we know what brought us here Stay where you are There was nothing I missed The first time around And now a glance is filled with thoughts The words can’t be found You’re out there and I am in here There’s no star too far Don’t let these feelings disappear Stay where you No longer hide You took the life From these empty hands Just like no other Let’s kill the lovers And start again 20 years just disappears With your timeless smile Can we know what brought us here but Stay who you are Please do not hide You took the life From these empty hands Just like no other Let’s kill the lovers And start again Written by Joe Algeri © 2015
The weight you carry is with love It’s not with hate You better realise Before it gets too late The hour has come To finish with their tales The bells are ringing out Hearts will never fail This soul is not for sale This tide is turning Your sun is setting low If its worth fighting for I’m never letting go I may be weary This cup of fire drained But I will never fade away If this light alone remains The time has come To finish with their tales The bells are ringing out Hearts will never fail This soul is not for sale Written by Jeff Baker and Ian Freeman © 2015


The formation of the Jangle Band was an accident of circumstance; it should have been all over after RTR's 2015 In The Pines Festival in Perth. Within 2 days, 2 new songs were written and a trans-continental recording project began.

The essence of the Jangle Band remains a celebration of the songs and the sounds of Jeff Baker and Ian Freeman, alumni from the great Perth pop movement of the 80's from bands such as The Palisades, Mars Bastards, The Rainyard and Header.

The spirit of the jangle of that era now lives on in the form of the A and Double A of The Jangle Band's debut single - Kill The Lovers/This Soul Is Not For Sale. Heavily reminiscent of the member's key B-band influences - Byrds, Beatles and Badfinger - the single is a chime and harmony festival typical of the group's sound.

The single features the West Coast Chapter of the band – Ian and Jeff in Melbourne plus Joe Algeri, Dave Wallace and Mark Eaton in Perth. It was recorded in their respective homes plus Bordello Studios in Perth where it was it was mixed and produced by Joe.

Don't ask us anything else because we just don't know the answer, chances are we haven't even discussed it. We love the past and are even more excited about the future.

La portada con una rickenbaker en primer plano y el nombre del australiano Joe Algeri pululando en los créditos ha sido suficiente para que me detuviera a escuchar este tesoro.

Joe Algeri es un tipo prolífico al que es difícil seguir la pista, para quien no le conozca apuntar que es un veterano de la escena australiana de Perth, aunque le conocí hace pocos años y me sorprendió con un proyecto llamado The Brittanicas junto al americano Herb Eimerman, otra joya escondida, siempre en mil y un berengenales: The JAC, Jack & the Beanstalk, Summer Suns. Ahora se saca de la manga un nuevo debut con una nueva formación y el nombre The Jangle Band, nombre que ya de entrada no intenta ni dismular que estamos ante jangle-pop de la vieja escuela. Para ello el sr. Algeri ha fichado a otras dos figuras con él, Jeff Baker y Ian Freeman, también veteranos de bandas míticas y ya olvidadas de la escena de Perth de los 80, ¿Os suenan The Palisades, Mars Bastards, The Rainyard y Header?

Visto el resultado de estas dos canciones es evidente que este grupo sólo busca agitar de nuevo sus guitarras en busca de el dificil hueco entre las viejas melodías que transcurren por esa siempre recurrente carretera que tanto amamos camino de la West Coast de la mano de los primeros Byrds y con los Beatles en el relicario, sobretodo tienen la magia. Con sólo dos canciones, "Kill The Lovers" y "This Soul Is Not For Sale" hay suficiente para alegrarse uno la vida, sólo dos canciones que son capaces de abrirse paso entre los nubarrones grises que acechan en el horizonte, canciones que dejan la miel en los labios y a la espera de que ésto se transforme en un formato largo. Efectivamente, suenan Rickenbakers y eso siempre es motivo de celebración.

- Chals Roig,

Australian power pop musician Joe Algeri has worked on a variety of projects in recent years, including his solo work under the name The JAC and being part of the international trio The Britannicas. As a musician and producer, he draws heavily on 1960s pop arrangements and frequently takes an off-kilter view of love and life in general. The Jangle Band is a brand new outfit that features Algeri teaming up with Jeff Baker and Ian Freeman, who are veterans of 1980s Australian bands like The Palisades, Mars Bastards, The Rainyard, and Header.

The trio recruited an additional three musicians as the recording proceeded, and the result is a two-song, download-only single that’s available at no charge on Algeri’s Bandcamp page. On “Kill The Lovers,” which he wrote, Algeri sets the idea of swapping a fading romance for a new platonic relationship to jangling guitars (hence the band name) and a catchy mid-tempo arrangement that recalls “Rain” era Beatles. Like much of Algeri’s previous work, the song offers lush, harmony vocals.

“This Soul Is Not For Sale” is a new composition from Baker and Freeman that adroitly taps into the harmonies and Rickenbacker guitars immortalized by The Byrds. Well-crafted lines like, “I may be weary/This cup of fire drained/But I will never fade away/If this light alone remains” encourage fighting for what you believe in, although the actual crisis taking place in the song is open to interpretation. All in all, The Jangle Band earns its name on both of these tracks.

Algeri is currently producing a solo effort for his fellow Britannica, Chicago area musician Herb Eimerman.

- Terry Flamm, (USA)

The Jangle Band are new kings of jangly power pop, a sister band to the Brittanicas, whose High Tea is still a favorite of anyone who heard it, and a particular fave of mine and the Jangle Band’s two debut songs available for free on soundcloud, comes from a similar, or at least familiar, place.

The connection is Perth, Australia’s favorite song Joe Algeri, who has followed his trans-Pacific collaboration with Herb Eimerman the Brittanicas with another better living through science new band featuring Jeff Baker and Ian Freeman.

The two songs are perfect examples of jangle, “This Soul Is Not For Sale” is a rethinking of the “The Bells Of Rhymney” (note the Rickenbacker on the cover) with the folkness replaced by Beatley power pop. My Buddy Robert Ross will flip for it, I promise, and while I know it looks easy to wear your influences so on your sleeve, if it was easy, why doesn’t everybody do it? There is a magic to renewing something so great and making it your own.

Anyway, this is early Byrds, not the psychedelic Byrds or the country Byrds, it sounds like if the Byrds were in “A Hard Day’s Night” and Joe, Jeff, and Ian left the movie house and decided to form a band. “Kill The Lovers” -about a relationship in transition , is similar but deeper: imagine the Byrds replaced the Beatles in “Help” and then recorded a track for For Sale.

- Iman Lababedi, (USA)

A few months ago when The Rainyard had to cancel an appearance at In The Pines, The Jangle Band (or at that time The Jangle Brothers) were hastily put together – sans rehearsal – to play the classic Perth pop songs of Jeff Baker, Ian Freeman and Joe Algeri. An outfit that wasn’t supposed to last the duration of the weekend, found the time to pen a couple of tunes and spawn a single.

Recorded in bedrooms across Perth and Melbourne for each members convenience, The Jangle Band franchise was solidified. When Baker and Freeman last put out music together, cassette was the medium of choice but Kill The Lovers/This Soul Is Not For Sale finds them dragging their spotted and paisley attire into the digital age.

Jangle is indeed at the forefront during Kill The Lovers which has a Byrds, Younger Than Yesterday vibe. Five vocalists in the band make for some lush harmonies, but it is Freeman who steals the show with a tone that hasn’t been hindered in the slightest by father time. The flip side, This Soul Is Not For Sale, draws from the same well, with guitars that chime and a sleek melody that would be the envy of Paul Chastain.

With no set plan or agenda, not even the members of The Jangle Band know where, when or if they will turn up again. In any case, they have given us pop perfection via the two songs on Debut Single.

- Chris Havercroft, (Aust)

Whenever Joe Algeri’s name appears on a recording, you know you are in for an earful of pleasure. So it’s probably pointless for me to say the revered Australian’s musician’s latest project, the Jangle Band, is an absolute delight. In any event, now it’s your turn to hear the band’s debut single and I am sure you will echo my sentiments.

Both “Kill The Lovers” and “This Soul Is Not For Sale” (available June 20, 2015) resound with poise and potency to a tantalizing temper of ringing guitar chords, firm harmonies, and juicy melodies. Gazing towards the prime productions of artists like the Byrds, Raspberries and Teenage Fan Club for motivation, the Jangle Band certainly does emphasize the jangle amid these outstanding songs.

Initially called the Jangle Brothers, the band was actually never meant to last for more than one gig. Formed by Jeff Baker and Ian Freeman, the duo was eventually joined by Joe Algeri, Mark “Sid” Eaton, and Dave Wallace to make a solid band. But the group kept growing, with Shaun “Chirpy” Lahor, Phil Natt, and Dan McDonald soon claiming membership. Coming from similar musical turf, involving legendary Australian bands such as The Palisades, the Mars Bastards, Rainyard, Jack and the Beanstalk, the Peaks, and the Lazybirds, a real camaraderie exists between these talented fellows.

Pitch perfect power pop in all its hook-happy grandness, “Kill The Lovers” and “This Soul Is Not For Sale” is a superb introduction to the Jangle Band, who will hopefully record a whole album of this randy dandy stuff in the near future.

- Beverly Paterson, (USA)

LOVE the debut!! 11 stars!

- Radio Free Americana (USA)

They were initially called the Jangle Brothers and were formed to play a couple of gigs this past April in Perth, Australia. That was supposed to be the long and the short of it. And then, fate intervened: the Jangle Brothers suddenly became the Jangle Band, a jangly and poppy and bright and shiny and catchy real live thing, with not one but two sets of members spread across both sides of Australia. It’s a story, alright, which we can get around to at a later date. For now, though, all you need to know is the debut single from the band, coupling a pair of tracks with a whole lot of jangle on their minds, is nothing less than the two greatest Byrds songs the Byrds never wrote or performed. Plus, it is one of the top releases of this year. Pure Pop Radio favorite Joe Algeri is one of the janglers present; you probably need not know more than that. Both songs are now playing in rotation. In a word…well, a made-up word: jangle-riffic. Killer.

- Alan Harber, (USA)

"A new project by Joe Algeri, songwriter and producer from Perth, Western Australia. He is also a member of The JAC, The Britannicas and one listen explains the band name here. Joe teamed up with Jeff Baker and Ian Freeman at the 2015 In The Pines Music Festival to create the band. Heavily reminiscent of the member’s key B-band influences – Byrds, Beatles and Badfinger – the single is a chime and harmony festival typical of the group’s sound. A perfect start to your week its a FREE download, we can’t wait for a full album guys!"

- (USA)

"The JANGLE BAND encore un projet américano –australien dans lequel se trouve impliqué Monsieur Joe Algeri. Comme à chaque fois je me régal!"

- Bertrand Tappaz, VOIX DE GARAGE radio show (France)

"....absolutely fantastic, all the jangleness, you would expect from a band with such a monicker and absolutely charming harmonies, not a million miles away from the mighty Teenage Fanclub. Loads to look forward to from The Jangle Band!"

- Wayne Lundqvist Ford, Ice Cream Man radio show & blog (Sweden)


released June 20, 2015

Ian Freeman – vocals, tambourine
Jeff Baker – guitar, vocals
Joe Algeri – guitar, vocals
Dave Wallace – bass, vocals
Mark ‘Sid’ Eaton – drums, vocals

Cover art by Tess Kelly.


all rights reserved



Egomaniac Music Perth, Australia

Egomaniac Music is the home for Joe Algeri and related musical interests. Joe is a songwriter and producer from Perth, Western Australia now known as the JAC. He is also a member of The Jangle Band, The Outryders (AUST) and the Britannicas (AUST/SWE/USA). ... more

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