Edge Of A Dream

by The Jangle Band

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The Jangle Band is an accident; it was hastily concocted to fill-in for the ill-fated Rainyard reunion in April 2015. With members split across the country it was meant to be one rehearsal, two Perth gigs, end of story.

Within 2 months a debut single was released and Spain's Pretty Olivia Records wanted more. 2 months after that an EP grew into a mini-album which then morphed into the 10 track album, "Edge Of A Dream".

The essence of the Jangle Band remains a celebration of the songs and the sounds of Jeff Baker and Ian Freeman, alumni from the great Perth pop movement of the 80's. Back in the day, Jeff and Ian performed in bands such as The Palisades, Mars Bastards, The aforementioned Rainyard and major-label big boys, Header.

At the front row of many of those gigs was a cocky Joe Algeri who was soon inspired to jump on stage himself (Jack & The Beanstalk, The Britannicas and now The JAC). Jeff and Ian enlisted Joe as the first Jangler. Joe quickly called his own band mates Mark 'Sid' Eaton and Dave Wallace (formerly Sensitive Drunks and now City Views) to jump aboard.

As a recording unit, there are 4 song-writers and it's a melodic and harmonic dream; think the sound of The Byrds, the wit of The Kinks and the sentimental heart of The Triffids.

Self-recorded by the band and mixed and produced by Joe. The sounds is crisp and effervescent.

The Spanish have already described the tracks on Edge Of A Dream as 10 jewels by Australia's pop dream team.

Gracias, we'll take it.


A 10 track album, rounded out by a further 5 demos. As it says right there in the name of the band, this is music with a lot of jangle and an excess of melody. Chiming guitars, ringing Rickenbacker’s, inspired harmonies, it’s all heard here. The title track is probably my favorite tune – it’s got a jaunty piano based beat, great hooks, a twin lead guitar break and at 1:34 a seriously impressive melodic twist that puts the song over the top. It reminds me of a latter day Paul Bevoir production, complete with horns – superb. Another gem is a vocal and Hammond drenched rocker “This Soul Is Not For Sale,” this one reminds me a lot of Firetown. I love that the song has so much melody, the band introduces a guitar line counter melody at 2:34, running just the last bit of the song, but clearly demonstrating how seriously the band takes it’s craft. The magic is in the details. Overall the album reminds me of band like The Byrds, Teenage Fanclub and other combos with heavy folk influences and harmonies. The demos are of five of the album tracks, casting those tunes in a slightly different light. While the fidelity isn’t quite as strong on some of these cuts, as alternate takes, they are a revealing listen, particularly “Let me Breathe” stripped down to guitar and voices – quite effective. If you are a fan of any of the artist mentioned this will fit nicely in your collection and is definitely worth repeat listens.


Australia también tiene sus geniecillos, como es el caso de Joe Algeri, un veterano de la escena australiana de Perth, que siempre está liado con mil proyectos distintos, a cada cual más genuino: The JAC, Jack & the Beanstalk, The Britannicas, Summer Suns... Al filo del sueño es un trabajo compuesto de diez canciones más cinco bonus tracks que incluye demos diversas de los temas del álbum. Orfebrería y elegancia pop en cada uno de los temas. Una comunión de canciones que transitan entre la psicodelia y pop sesentero. Canciones sin desperdicio, recomendadas como es el caso de “282”, “Love you too” o “Perth”.
Autor: Rafa García-Moreno


Appropriately named Australian band descending from the Rainyard and the Palisades, “Edge of a Dream” is a record you immediately feel comfortable with. Like an old friend you haven’t seen in years, but the conversation picks up like you saw each other yesterday.


Más que el límite de un sueño este precioso disco suena como si estuvieras en el centro de un mágico sueño que desearías nunca acabará. Su nombre indica a la perfección una parte de los sonidos por los que se mueve esta nueva banda de Perth que, cómo no, tenía que grabar con el sensacional sello Off The Hip Records. Banda nueva pero con Ian Freeman y Jeff Baker al frente. Es decir junto a unos tipos curtidos dentro de la mejor escena pop de los 80 y 90 con bandas como The Rainyard, The Palisades, Mars Bastards o Header. Les acompaña otro gran cantante y guitarrista como es el veterano Joe Algeri, también presente en múltiples aventuras como The Britannicas.

Acompañados también por una excelente sección de ritmo nos proporcionan, por supuesto, jangle pop de primera con excelentes Rickenbakers de 12 cuerdas. Es decir que tenemos también las armonías vocales y las guitarras cristalinas más agradables de la Costa Oeste Americana y muchos aromas a The Byrds, Lovin’ Spoonful o The Beatles. Un debut que se abre con ‘282’ que lo tiene todo. Melodía, vientos, estribillo y excepcionales armonías vocales que lo convierten en un tema radiante de principio a fin. En ‘Love you too’ desprenden luz esas guitarras de 12 cuerdas y nos acordamos de La Granja en “Azul, Eléctrica Emoción”. ‘Kill the lovers’ o ‘’This soul is not for sale’ son puro The Byrds con McGuinn y Clark al frente, con esas exquisitas armonías vocales sobre las tintineantes guitarras de 12 cuerdas. El tema titular, ‘Edge of a dream’ te hace soñar con los más románticos Teenage FanClub y ‘Let me breathe’ es una lenta preciosidad con curiosos teclados de Joe Algeri. El final todavía es más relajado y hermoso con ‘Exile on Murray Street’ y los aires más country de la armónica y de la fantástica pedal steel de Joel Martin. Por si fuera poco, añaden 5 exquisitos bonus-tracks con versiones demo de algunos de los mejores temas del disco. Por ejemplo en la demo de Ian de ‘This house is not for sale’ el piano y las radiantes guitarras remiten a los más armónicos The Jayhawks. ‘Let me breathe’ y ‘Edge of a dream’ totalmente acústicas y desnudas también llegarán a tu corazoncito.


Australian musician Joe Algeri continues his prolific recording output with this full-length debut from The Jangle Band. Unlike his previous efforts as The JAC, this isn’t a solo album where he plays most of the instruments and does all the vocals. Ian Freeman is the lead vocalist for this group, and in addition to Algeri, guitarist Jeff Baker, bassist Dave Wallace, and drummer Mark “Sid” Eaton all sing. Their combined voices often give Edge Of A Dream those Byrds-like harmonies Algeri has always favored.

That said, the album opens with “282,” a song that evokes The Kinks with its droll lyrics and music hall arrangement. The slower and more ornate “Let Me Breathe” also taps into the earliest days of the British Invasion, and like the autobiographical “Perth,” it’s built on an appealing mix of acoustic and electric instruments. The jangling guitars this band takes its name from are front and center on “This Soul Is Not For Sale,” which was previously released as a two-song single with “Kill The Lovers.” “Another Light,” “Love You Too,” and the title track should also sound like a dream come true for fans of The Byrds and 1960s style pop.


Event though I'm a Brit, I often get defensive of Australia's part in the history of Power and Indie Pop. In the battle between the UK and the States over who influences it most, Oz Pop is usually forgotten. People forget how influential Friday On My Mind was, what a burgeoning Indie scene came out of Australia from the late 70's onward and how now it seems to be on a one country battle to save the guitar.

The Jangle Band are proof of this. Jeff Baker was in The Rainyard. the early 80's Perth band that deserved far more recognition. Ian Freeman was in Header, the 90's band that had a brand of Oz Brit Pop that should have been far more successful. Joe Algeri is well familiar to us as a Power Popper of great influence, most notably in The JAC.

The opener, Edge Of A Dream, is a great Summer Pop song, all singalong swagger with a brass solo. But Fear not, The Jangle Band jangle big time. Edge Of A Dream is very much Rickenbacker 12 String heaven in The Byrds and Teenage Fanclub territory. Love You Too is a great examole of this, so 1968 Byrds.

Kill The Lovers ramps up that feel even more, for every jingle, there's a jangle, Perth is much moodier, the lyrics emphasising this feel, acoustic and keyboard led. It Won't Break is so TFC, it could be them.

Let Me Breathe is a 60's double vocal, could be Simon And Garfunkel with added accordion and a Psych Pop guitar. Harmonica and Pedal Steel enhance the album closer, Exile On Murray Street, the atmosphere aided by some great vocal melody.

As a whole, the album works wonderfully. There's more than enough to please the Rickenbacker lovers, but there's plenty of variety. Teenage Fanclub fans in particular will love this album, but there's plenty here to make Edge Of A Dream a worthwhile addition to everyone's collection. I hear a lot compared to TFC, so much that is not in the same league, this is.


Not surprisingly, this is fantastic jangly pop from members of the Rainyard/Header and Joe Algeri - perfect for fans of the Byrds, 12-string guitars and perfect vocal harmonies!

Jigsaw Records

There was an air of familiarity when I glanced at the cover of the Jangle Band‘s debut album Edge of Dream. It seemed to recall the cover of the Triffids‘ Born Sandy Devotional with its birds eye view of a sandy coast. There was another after I played the record for the first time. The sonic dissonance of the Byrds combined with indiepop sensibility of the Rainyard. Was I insane, or were these connections intentional or innate?

I am happy to report that I’m not crazy. The Jangle Band (has there ever been a more appropriately named band?) have roots in Perth, same as the Triffids and are lead by Jeff Baker and Ian Freeman who count the Rainyard and Palisades as former bands. Edge of Dream is a wonderful album full of songs descended from The Bells of Rhymney by the Byrds. The Rickenbacker’s jangle throughout and it sends you somewhere eight miles high and sun bleached.


Parece que no queramos salir del continente oceánico, siquiera de Australia, pero es que teníamos muchas ganas de escribir sobre el disco debut de los de Perth y quienes lo han hecho posible, los chicos de Pretty Olivia Records.

El sello alicantino se ha convertido, en poco tiempo, en garante de pop de calidad. Bandas como los valencianos Star Trip -donde milita Vicente Prats, también artista de la discográfica y tan imprescindible como los primeros-, los genios escoceses The Wellgreen o los ingleses Loor a los Heroes, son algunas de las apuestas que conforman su envidiable catálogo de alto contenido en azúcar y Rickenbackers de 12 cuerdas. ¡Bien por ellos!

Lo cierto es que del disco de los australianos hay poco que explicar, porque el nombre del conjunto no deja lugar para la sorpresa. Diez canciones como diez atardeceres apacibles, y en compañía de uno mismo.

Cualquiera entendería que cuando un grupo decide bautizarse The Jangle Band, las expectativas fueran más que elevadas, y la crítica pudiere tacharles inmediatamente de pretenciosos. Pero el sobresaliente guión sobre el que trabajan y su producción, respetan, en caso de que existiera algo parecido en la música, el Modo de Representación Institucional.

Canción tras canción, desgranan la historia del 'jangle pop' haciendo honor a los más grandes. Hablamos de reconocer a The Byrds en "I Love You Too" o "This Soul is not for Sale" -los temas más pegadizos y efectivos-. Hablamos de los nombres de The Kinks o The Hollies tatuados en "Another Light" -las conexiones neuronales se disparan inmediatamente en dirección a "Better Things" de los primeros, o "You Need Love" de los últimos-. Tampoco se olvidan de uno de los más grandes y reconocidos defensores de este subgénero, Teenage Fanclub, radiografiados en "Edge of a Dream" -la asociación con "Don't Look Back" o "Alcoholiday" es mucho más que razonable-. Podríamos seguir con la lista de 'homenajeados': The Beatles, Big Star... Todos ellos van a sonar de forma distinta en la cabeza de cada uno. Así pues, para qué seguir, ¿no?

Hay muchas cosas y muy buenas que decir de este disco. Para todo entusiasta de cualquiera de los grupos arriba mencionados -si es que se puede ser fan de uno, sin serlo de todos ellos- este es el disco del año. Y para los que no lo sean, ya va siendo hora.

(5 Stars)

In the triumvirate of power pop influences (Beatles, Byrds, Beach Boys) not enough love goes out to the pioneers of jangle-pop The Byrds; and its creators Roger McGuinn and Gene Clark. The musical style is so distinct, that few can master its 12 string Rickenbacker magic effectively (i.e. Jeremy Morris.) This is where The Jangle Band excels as they deliver shimmering melodies and raga-infused jams. The band starts with the songs of Jeff Baker and Ian Freeman, both veterans of Perth Australia’s pop movement. They are joined by power pop favorite Joe Algeri (Jack & The Beanstalk, The Britannicas, The JAC) and his mates Mark ‘Sid’ Eaton and Dave Wallace.

Opening with “282” its more of Beatle-y beginning with a nice trumpet solo after the chorus. “Love You Too” has those familiar jangling chords and layered harmonies that can take you back to 1968. Algeri gets into the act with “Kill The Lovers” adding a great hook in a song about renewing a relationships spark. The Barker/Freeman songs have a tinge of sadness, especially “Perth” where the singer is frustrated that he’ll “never leave this town,” and feeling “out of time.” Another gem “Another Light” reassures the girl that he’ll remain faithful. Overall this entertaining set will appeal to jangle pop fans, others may want to pick and choose a few select tracks, but without a doubt The Jangle Band lives up to its name.


Un segell espanyol, Pretty Olivia Records, acaba de publica una petita meravella d'un grup de Nova Zelanda que es diu The Jangle Band, un nom que ja indica clarament el tipus de música que escoltarem. Escoltar-los per primera vegada i dubtar de si estava escoltant un nou treball dels Byrds ha estat tot u. Rickenbakers de 12 cordes omnipresents i melodies vocals a quatre veus són el segell d'identitat d'aquesta nova banda que edita el seu primer treball de llarga durada. Un plaer escoltar-los fent la migdiada o a qualsevol altre moment tranquil.


Commencé comme un groupe hommage aux héros oubliés (du moins par ici) de la Jangle Pop : Jeff Baker et Ian Freeman (Rainyard, The Palisades, Mars Bastards, Header, rien que ça) rejoint par Joe Algéri et ‘sa’ section rythmique. Ce groupe a finalement élargit son registre musical pour son 1er album. Pour devenir un groupe de POP stricto sensu.

Un groupe qui a pour simple ambition d’écrire de bonnes chansons accrocheuses et mémorables qui donnent du bonheur à l’auditeur. Une ambition simple où tellement se sont perdu.

Ça ce n’est pas le cas du Jangle Band qui nous régale de ces 10 chansons succulentes !

De la Pop donc, qui sait se faire orchestré parfois mais est aussi capable de simplicité avec des mid tempos où la guitare acoustique dialogue avec les 12 cordes. Parfois on retrouve une petite tension Power Pop (ben ouai quoi il y a Joe Algeri dans l’affaire quand même) et plein d’harmonies vocales qui devraient ravirent ceux qui aiment les Byrds, Fleurs de Lys ou Zombies car dans le Jangle Band tous les membres chantent ou assurent les chœurs.

Bref tout ça donne un album lumineux et jubilatoire le genre de truc qui vous fait sortir du lit avec la banane !


Los amigos del pop de esencia primaveral, de sortilegios de guitarras brujas, de voces que miman epidermis y melodías que embelesan oídos, los que nos encontramos a gusto con las sonrisas que mutan en canciones o al revés, los que sentimos las tonadas sencillas y naturales como rocío sobre el rostro en el despertar de una siesta veraniega, los que nos enamoramos al son de Rickenbackers y armonías, estribillos y baterías que marcan el paso hacia lo bonito, los que aprendimos a emocionarnos con The Beatles, The Byrds o The Kinks, que años después quisimos continuar en la senda de los colores pastel de la mano de Big Star o Teenage Fanclub, todos los que somos así, estamos en deuda con el sello alicantino Pretty Olivia Records, y yo además con mi compadre Chals conductor del necesario On The Route y que me presentó el sello y a varios de los grupos que por él desfilan como The Wellgreen o Star Trip, ambos han pasado con mucha gloria y sin nada de pena por esta casa.
Y ahora toca el turno a unos australianos, llegados a mi conocimiento también gracias a Chals, y que comandados por Joe Algeri, artista de talento demostrado a pesar de su poca repercusión mediática, responden al nombre de The Jangle Band.

La verdad es que esta razón social ya marca por si sola una declaración de intenciones sobre sus pretensiones artísticas, y estas no son otras que las ya apuntadas en el primer párrafo sobre lo que a algunos nos hace sentir la epidermis en estado de máxima alerta emotiva.

“Edge of a Dream” es el primer título que publican, bajo el sello alicantino, y su escucha no puede resultar más encantadora y refrescante.

No parece tener demasiado sentido ahondar más en consideraciones descriptivas sobre el sonido de The Jangle Band, ya esta todo dicho, lo que seguramente no estará por parte de muchos, es escuchado, y a eso vamos, a la escucha de estos diez temas que nos ofrecen y que completan un catálogo equilibrado y fluido, con diversidad de ritmos y sonidos, dentro de una temática estilística marcada y donde todos los elementos se aunan para lograr un disco excelente y refrescante.
Temas de encendidas armonías vocales como “This soul is not sale” de maravilloso estribillo sixtie y guitarras coloridas y dulces, la excitante “It won’t break”, o la pegadiza "282" que abre la caja del mago.

Si en las mencionadas el sonido brit es el que se lleva la palma, en "I love you too" o "Another light" se fijan en la costa oeste que sonorizasen los McGinn, Clark y compañía antes del verano del amor.

Ecos de aquellos Beatles que empezaban a intuir la psicodelia con "Kill the lovers", y las armonías vocales disueltas en guitarras juguetonas e inocentes, elevan espíritus en "Edge of a dream".
Vuelven aromas brit con la melancólica "Perth", y alegrías ye-yés con acordeones y mucha nostalgia para "Let me breath".
Notas folk, aullidos y frontera para terminar con la bonita balada: "Exile on Murray Street", hermoso final a un disco embriagador de sonidos jangle-pop que rememoran aquello que tanto gusta a los más afines a los murmullos y susurros, aquello que la gente de Pretty Olivia Records nos esta ofreciendo gota a gota, sorbo a sorbo.

Publicado por Addison de Witt



Como ya anuncié en su momento en el Exile (goo.gl/39SjoX), los australianos The Jangle Band han fichado por Pretty Olivia Records, sello alicantino donde tienen su casa otros grupos también favoritos como Star Trip y The Wellgreen. Son tal para cuál. ¿Se puede ser fan de un sello discográfico? No sé si tal acepción existe en el diccionario de la música, pero lo cierto es que en el poco tiempo que llevan en marcha han demostrado tener muy buen gusto en su catálogo. Vamos al tema.

The Jangle Band gira en torno a la figura de Joe Algeri, un tipo prolífico al que es difícil seguir la pista. Para quien no le conozca apuntar que es un veterano de la escena australiana de Perth, aunque le conocí hace pocos años y me sorprendió con un proyecto llamado The Britannicas junto al americano Herb Eimerman, otra joya escondida, siempre en mil y un berengenales: The JAC, Jack & the Beanstalk, Summer Suns. Ahora se saca de la manga Edge of a dream con una nueva formación y un nombre que ya de entrada no intenta ni dismular que estamos ante jangle-pop de la vieja escuela. Para ello el sr. Algeri ha fichado a Jeff Baker y Ian Freeman, también veteranos de bandas míticas y ya olvidadas de la escena de Perth de los 80 (The Palisades, Mars Bastards, The Rainyard y Header). Por cierto Pretty Olivia recuperó las canciones de los Rainyard hace un par de años, un tesoro escondido para quien guste moverse por estas latitudes. La banda la completan Dave Wallace al bajo y Mark 'Sid' Eaton a la batería, y todos en las harmonías.

Es evidente que este grupo busca agitar sus guitarras en busca de las melodías que transcurren por esa siempre recurrente carretera que tanto amamos camino de la West Coast de la mano de los primeros Byrds y con los Beatles en el relicario, sobretodo tienen la magia, y la producción suena de fábula, ni un pero. Ya presenté Kill the lovers y This soul is not for sale, dos canciones perfectas en su concepción y ejecución que hacían presagiar un gran disco (reseña single: goo.gl/fSP2R1). El disco abre con 282 y uno ya se siente como en casa con este pop dulce y ligero tan british de papel pintado y los Kinks asoman por el retrovisor, otra tonada de jangle byrdiano la encontraremos en I love you too, delicioso. Y aunque lluevan cubos de agua haced sonar Edge of a dream y abrid las ventanas, veréis disiparse los nubarrones con el tintinéo de la rickenbaker y ese rascar de cuerdas de progresión folk-rock y alma de Gran Estrella. El sr.Algieri nos canta también a sus recuerdos de juventud del pasado en Perth. Que llegue ya la primavera con temazos como Another light con estribillo de ventana bajada y mano al viento. Cierra el disco Exile on Murray Street, una balada acústica con una harmónica y una pedal preciosa, perfecta.

Un disco que pasa como un suspiro y suena a clásico, compuesto mayormente por medios tiempos, jangle de los Byrds y el power-pop menos gamberro que nos recordará a los Teenage Fanclub de las canciones norteñas que nos dejaron a finales de los 90, colección de canciones que invitan a repetir y a embriagarte en sus aromas de sol de media tarde. No os perdáis este disco, a mi me acompaña desde que está disponible en su bandcamp aunque desde el primer momento supe que el formato vinilo ocuparía su lugar correspondiente entre mis preferidos de la añada en curso, una compra sobre valor seguro pués suenan rickenbakers y alegra la existencia mientras suenan sus canciones, y una buena manera de preparar el camino al equinoccio primaveral. Si ya es difícil mover a nuestros valores entre provincias, va a ser difícil poder traerse a los aussies, sería una alegría, y además se me ocurre el grupo perfecto para acompañarles. ¿Ninguna promotora se anima? vamos!. Muy recomendable.



released October 15, 2016


Ian Freeman – vocals, tambourine
Jeff Baker – guitar, vocals
Joe Algeri – guitar, vocals
Dave Wallace – bass, vocals
Mark ‘Sid’ Eaton – drums, vocals

On this album everybody played guitar.
Joe played various keyboard instruments & other things.

Special guests:
Professor Pieter Von Juncken - trombone (Carlise, WA, Australia)
Joel Martin - pedal steel (Sherman Oaks, California, USA)

Recorded by the band and guests in various homes around Australia & Bordello Studios in Victoria Park, WA. Additional engineering by Glenn Musto in Melbourne.

Mixed and produced by Joe Algeri.

Mastered by Alek Stark at Fundamental Audio (Madrid, Spain).

Art and layout by Tess.


all rights reserved



Egomaniac Music Perth, Australia

Egomaniac Music is the home for Joe Algeri and related musical interests. Joe is a songwriter and producer from Perth, Western Australia now known as the JAC. He is also a member of The Jangle Band, The Outryders (AUST) and the Britannicas (AUST/SWE/USA). ... more

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Track Name: 282

I'm running for the 282
Twenty miles and an hour to chew
Now the weather is my only friend
Call in late for the great life once again.

Will I make the final train
For that slow and lonely ride again
And I’m reading all the signs you're gone
No more tea for two its just soup for one.

That summer rang she took the call call call
I know you always would be after all
But how much longer will you wait
the coffee's cold and I'm still straight
a piece still left upon my plate
the better days are left to fate
Don’t you hesitate

Over her shoulder to the evening news
Leads me down those avenues
And who's to blame for sunny days
When they can shine on either way

So will you tell me if you go
I just want to make it home
Cut the light and shut the gate
The better days are left to fate
Don’t you hesitate
Track Name: Love You Too

Where was I when you came to this
particular place in the world
It always seems when I dream such dreams
I find myself out in the cold

We could be two if I just took you
And kept you to myself
But your wandering eyes that passed me by
And you’re dreaming with someone else

But if I gotta be
Then I’m gonna be
I don’t wanna be
The one who’s feeling blue

When he says
I love you like the sun it loves the sky
I love you like a rain that never dries
I love you like the wind between the trees
I love you and it brings me to my knees

And I dont wanna be
But if I gotta be
Then I’m gonna be
The one who’s feeling blue

Feeling Blue
I love you too
Track Name: Kill The Lovers

Should we kill the lovers
So we can be friends
And now it's feeling like a start
When I thought that it would end

Twenty years just disappears
With your timeless smile
Can we know what brought us here
Stay where you are

There was nothing I missed
The first time around
And now a glance is filled with thoughts
The words can’t be found

You’re out there and I am here
There’s no star too far
Don’t let these feelings disappear
Stay where you

No longer hide
You took the life
From these empty hands
Just like no other
Let’s kill the lovers
And start again

Twenty years just disappears
With your timeless smile
Can we know what brought us here but
Stay who you are

Please do not hide
You took the life
From these empty hands
Just like no other
Let’s kill the lovers
And start again
Track Name: Edge Of A Dream

It was late, so late at night
The signs and the times were not quite right
Windows and the moon will be closing soon
Not a pretty sight to see

In a sweat, I couldn't take that bet
The ponies and the pets all I can get
Left an empty space to take your place
Counting all the clocks on my hands

And there you go
Any more colder and you'd think it would snow
Pilot lights won't help my sight
Help me find the sleep again.

I'm caught in the edge of a dream
One thing for certain it seems
The clothes I was wearing when I came in
been left in disrepair.

I'm caught up in the edge of a dream
Hoping to hear what it truly means
Took you to bed when the night turned red
I stumble in the dark these days.

I could take all that straight advice
keep it under cover and keep it real quiet
waiting on the sun to make me numb
see you in a better light
Track Name: Perth

Oh I feel
Like I’ll never leave this town
And the streets under my feet are holding me down

I guess it’s plain to see it
Perhaps it’s time to leave it
But the music’s out of time
Without you in my life

Oh I know
I’ll escape to just return
And the tarmac beneath my souls will always burn

What will be will be
Perhaps I’ll never leave it
But the music’s out of time
Without you in my life

I could go
But it will never leave me

Oh I feel
Like I’ll never leave this town
And the streets under my feet are holding me down

I guess it’s plain to see it
I guess I’ll never leave it
But the music’s out of time
Without you in my life
Track Name: Another Light

Don't wanna know where all your thoughts
come to hide
I just need the summer sun
we left outside
And I could use a little piece
of empty pride
We only seem to choose the scenes
when you're alright (you're alright)

I don't need another light
(Your sunny days are always bright)
I don't need another light
(The better days are well in sight)
If you're alright.

Getting up and down these stairs
is easy when you care
I always seem to find you waiting
over there
It's not a game oh but I wish we played it just the same
The world seems brighter when I chance
upon your name (you’re alright
Track Name: It Won't Break

The day’s so slow
Everybody seems to have
Somewhere they have to go
We sit here alone

The night so long
Without a word you play me like
Someone’s unfinished song
Is that right or wrong?

And it’s to late too late
To melt the cold
It’s too long
Too hike the road
We still wait
It’s too late to fix the hole
If we leave where do we go
We still wait
And it wont break

The mindless game
Everybody loses so we don’t
Want to play
And dwell another day

Remote control
Searching for the week that has
The minute that we know
This is not our home

And it’s to late too late
To melt the cold
It’s too long
Too hike the road
We still wait
But it’s too late to fix the hole
If we leave where do we go
We still wait
And it wont break
Track Name: Let Me Breathe

If you let me down slowly
You wont get to know me to well my dear
I’ll lay it on thick
But your on to my tricks I can tell

So don’t be afraid don’t
Let it all go to ruin
Tear off the band aid
And it will be over real soon

I’ll show you the door
That you’ll enter no more
Once you leave my love
I am not long for this earth if you don’t let me breathe

So don’t be surprised I m
Making things easy for you
I had a grand plan
And now I am seeing it through

So don’t act all crazy when
I let it all go straight to hell
It’s not that I’m lazy
But making my own way just isn’t my style
So I thought I would just string you along for awhile
It’s all your doing or so it would seem
Could have worked out if you just let me breathe

At least there is something that I will let you believe
I am not long for this earth if you don’t let me breathe
Let me breathe
Track Name: This Soul Is Not For Sale

The weight you carry is with love
It’s not with hate
You better realise
Before it gets too late

The rain will fall
The wind still knows the sun will shine
Dead Souls and ministers
You’re running outta time

The hour has come
To finish with their tales
The bells are ringing out
And Hearts will never fail
This soul is not for sale

This time is turning
The tide is setting low
If its worth fighting for
I’m never letting go

I may be weary
This cup of fire drained
But I will never fade
If this light alone remains

The hour has come
To finish with their tales
The bells are ringing out
And Hearts will never fail
This soul is not for sale
Track Name: Exile On Murray Street

The air was hot
The night was quiet
The city in the wake of a riot
We walked from Forrest Place to here
On heat alone and stolen beer

And I felt the face of where we came
Explode in front of me again
We could only whisper things
That would be soon
Exchanged in rings

Drove me down
Down in the light
We owned a little piece of the night
Now’s the time to not retreat
Exiled out on Murray Street

And I felt the face of where we came
Explode in front of me again
We could only whisper things
That would be soon
Exchanged in rings

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