Love Dumb (EP)

by The JAC

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The JAC finally become a proper band. The second single from the forthcoming album, 'Whether I'm Arthur or Martha'.

Joe Algeri and crew, Dave Wallace (guitar), Jason Clearly (bass) and Mark Eaton (drums) are back! After the success of Faux Pas the band concentrates on an organic power pop sound and they sound great on the title track. Likewise the Byrdsian “Wherever You Go” is full of jangling goodness and true proof of Algeri’s awesome talents. Yet another cover of Big Star’s “Thirteen” is always welcome, and just to prove he’s loose — he does a corny electro pop tune “Frantic Romantic” better suited to the next Berlin or Kraftwerk album. Gotta love ‘em, as we await more from The Jac.

- Aaron Kupferberg

Joe Algeri and crew deliver a bit of perfectly propulsive Power Pop ahead of an upcoming LP. This one will have you singing along before completing your first listen.

Australian singer-multi-instrumentalist Joe Algeri has played in his share of bands over the years, most recently with the international power pop trio The Britannicas. He occasionally has put out solo efforts under the name The JAC, but on the new five-song EP Love Dumb, Algeri is backed by guitarist-vocalist Dave Wallace, bassist-vocalist Jason Clearly, and drummer-vocalist Mark “Sid” Eaton. Algeri continues to bring his offbeat perspective to catchy arrangements, but The JAC also experiment with a few different styles.

The power pop oriented title track depicts a guy wondering why he’s still in a relationship when both he and his significant other are disillusioned with it. “Frantic Romantic” is a fun song originally done by the Aussie band The Scientists back in 1979, and The JAC use a similar synthesizers and a drum machine arrangement behind goofy lines like, “I like to have nice girls,” and “I touched her lips/I kissed her hips.” Algeri goes acoustic with a cover of Big Star’s “Thirteen,” and “Truly Julie And Terry,” his reflection on the young lovers from The Kinks’ “Waterloo Sunset.” The ringing guitars and harmony vocals on “Wherever You Go” show an unmistakable Byrds influence.

- Terrence Flamm

The JAC was a product of Joe Algeri retreating to his home studio and rarely seeing the light of day (unless taking a quick jaunt on his tractor in Byford). A quick solo tour to the US last year has clearly reignited Algeri’s passion for playing live so he has enlisted some friends to flesh out The Jac. Love Dumb is the first fruits of that union.

Inspired by the ‘60s but containing the Perth power pop sound of the ‘90s, Love Dumb, with its chugging guitars and killer hook has all of the ingredients that would see this tune sit happily beside the best of his work with Jack & The Beanstalk. Algeri draws on his fondness for Ray Davies with the subdued Truly Julie & Terry and Wherever You Go is a glass full of sunshine.

You can’t call yourself a songwriter unless you have recorded a version of Thirteen by Big Star, so The JAC oblige. This solo live take finds that Algeri has fine-tuned his voice to bring a richness and some extra sweetness to the table, while Frantic Romantic sees The JAC plug in the keyboards to give the Scientists tune a Marc Almond inspired sheen.

Love Dumb offers a few tunes of the upcoming The JAC album as well as some curios that are well worth the listen. The release of Love Dumb will hopefully drag The JAC to the stages to show off their pretty new tunes.

- Chris Havercroft


released March 8, 2014


JOE ALGERI - vocals, guitars
DAVE WALLACE - guitar, vocals
JASON CLEARY - bass, vocals
MARK (SID) EATON - drums

Produced by Joe Algeri


all rights reserved



Egomaniac Music Perth, Australia

Egomaniac Music is the home for Joe Algeri and related musical interests. Joe is a songwriter and producer from Perth, Western Australia now known as the JAC. He is also a member of The Jangle Band, The Outryders (AUST) and the Britannicas (AUST/SWE/USA). ... more

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Track Name: Love Dumb (single version)

Congratulations, I try to say naturally
Celebrations, I can't pretend there's nothing more between me and you
You know that's it true
So why did you invite me here
And why the hell did I come
I'm just love dumb

Nowhere to hide, I can't fake it anymore
Toast to the bride, I can't pretend there's nothing more between me and you
So what can I do
So how can I escape from here
Where do I jump and run
I'm just love dumb

I just need a taxi that will drive me straight to Mars
And someone to remind me to forget about the past
Are you really sure you truly found the one
The grinning idiot, its clear what I've become
I'm just love dumb

Congratulations, I try to say drunkedly
Celebrations, I can't pretend there's nothing more between me and you
You know that's true
Why did you invite me here
Why the hell did I come
I'm just love dumb
Track Name: Wherever You Go (single version)

Wherever you go
Wherever you stay
I will be there with you baby
We will be forever, hopefully

From Paris to Rome
Holidays or home
I'll stick to you like a tick
Forever unless I get too homesick

Don't you worry about the things I say
Cos' I don't know what I'm saying
You want to walk along the Serpentine do you mean Hyde Park
Cos' I think Western Australia
Wherever you go
Track Name: Truly Julie & Terry (Waterloo acoustic mix)

Julie had a mother called Julie
Who had a boyfriend called Terry
Back in England
Times were swinging
A long time ago

But now the world's more complicated
And all those dreams and worn and jaded
But we can make it
And we can fake it
It's our own reality

Do you fear the fork in the road Is there any clue which way to go Is this just getting old
Are all connections coincidence, do we just sit here or jump the fence
Into the great unknown
Will this always be home

I refuse to let you
Break me down to get through
To some place that's been alone for too long (I’ve been alone for far too long)
So now I've heard the story (I’ve heard this one before)
About your mother's glory (I’ve heard this song before)
But what does that mean second (I love you just like before)


Have a you ever seen a bridge (fall down)
A bird in the sky (fall down)
All the reasons why (fall down)
That I'm with you (fall down)

Have a you ever seen a bridge (fall down)
A bird in the sky (fall down)
All the reasons why (fall down)
All the reasons why
Track Name: Thirteen (California solo mix)

Won't you let me walk you home from school
Won't you let me meet you at the pool
Maybe Friday I can
Get tickets fro the dance
And I'll take you

Won't you tell your dad get off my back
Tell him what we said 'bout "Paint It Black"
Rock and roll is here to stay
Come inside now it's ok
And I'll shake you

Won't you tell me what you're thinking of
Would you be an outlaw for my love
If it's so then let me know
If it's no then I can go
And I won't make you
Track Name: Frantic Romantic (Düsseldorf mix)

Met her at a dance (it was romance)
Took her by the hand (it was romance)
I gave her my drink (it was romance)
And I told her I loved her (it was romance)

I touched her lips (it was romance)
I kissed her hips (it was romance)
And I took her outside (it was romance)
And I told her I loved her (it was romance)

I'm a frantic romantic, I like to have nice girls
I'm a frantic romanric, in a romantic world

I fell for her eyes (it was romance)
The stars in the sky (it was romance)
She was so kind (it was romance)
And I told her I loved her (it was romance)

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