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Record Store (single)

by The JAC

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______________________________________________ I'm going down to the record store I've got something I'm looking for You only work on Saturdays, Wednesdays and every Thursday night I've got my Motörhead t-shirt on Even though I only like 3 songs When I walk in I always feel so fine I look around and then I see you smile I love my record store Play me something I've never heard before I love my record store Tell me something cos' I want more I'm going down to the record store I need a new poster for my wall And has my Real Kids import arrived You like John but I dig Paul We love Syd but we hate the Wall When I walk in I always feel so fine I look around and then I see you smile It seems to be getting smaller But I feel I'm standing taller When you ask me questions about Big Star I don't need another loyalty card I just need to know who you are I wanna get to know you I just wanna to get to know you better I went down to the record store They told me that you don't work any more And they're having a closing down sale I want my record store Please don't close door I want them to call you back I want my record store Don't close my record store And I want them to call you
______________________________________________ I wanna make sure you're dead and buried If you thought I was angry, well now I am very Don't look, don't touch, it don't matter when you snuff I just want you to set me free I won't let you go, I won't let you breathe Baby roll the dice, should I pull trigger Geronimo! Don't move even slow I'll decide when you go I just want you to see me free I won't let you go, I won't let you breathe Baby roll the dice, should I pull trigger Fuck it
______________________________________________ I want to live, I want to give I've been a miner for a heart of gold It's these expressions I never give That keep me searching for a heart of gold and I'm getting old Keep me searching for a heart of gold and I'm getting old I've been to Hollywood, I've been to Redwood I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold I've been in my mind, it's such a fine line That keeps me searching for a heart of gold and I'm getting old Keeps me searching for a heart of gold and I'm getting old Keep me searching for a heart of gold You keep me searching and I'm growing old Keep me searching for a heart of gold I've been a miner for a heart of gold Written by Neil Young © 1971
______________________________________________ This old town is filled with sin it'll swallow you in If you've got some money to burn Take it home right away, you've got three years to pay But Satan is waiting his turn This old earthquake's gonna leave me in the poorhouse It seems like this whole town's insane On the thirty-first floor a gold-plated door Won't keep out the Lord's burning rain The scientists say it'll all wash away But we don't believe anymore 'Cause we've got our recruits and our green mohair suits So please show your I.D. at the door This old earthquake's gonna leave me in the poorhouse It seems like this whole town's insane On the thirty-first floor a gold-plated door Won't keep out the Lord's burning rain A friend came around tried to clean up this town His ideas made some people mad He trusted his crowd so he spoke right out loud And they lost the best friend they had This old earthquake's gonna leave me in the poorhouse It seems like this whole town's insane On the thirty-first floor a gold-plated door Won't keep out the Lord's burning rain On the thirty-first floor your gold-plated door Won't keep out the Lord's burning rain Written by G. Parsons / C. Hillman © 1969 Irving Music Inc.


The first single from the forthcoming album, 'Whether I'm Arthur or Martha'.

Joe Algeri returns with a special Record Store Day single, fittingly titled Record Store and its colourful power pop of the highest order, featuring an impossible-to-misplace melody, lusciously layered backing vocals and a sweet paisley guitar line. A love story not only to the girl who works in the store, but also the store itself, Record Store is a great addition to your Record Store Day swagbag.

In the finest vinyl tradition (though this is only available digitally for now, some of the funds from the digital sales of these songs will go towards manaufacturing a vinyl version), the single is backed by a few quirky goodies – Fuck It is an 84 second blast of angerpoppunk; while Neil Young’s Heart Of Gold’s vocals are synth treated enough to sound like Daft Punk playing out front of a solid rock band. Sin City retains all the twang and grit of the original Flying Burrito Brothers: all that’s lacking is a nudie suit and a bottle of tequila.

Algeri (as The JAC) is pure class all the way, a relentless musical explorer with the golden touch for melodies and arrangement and an endearingly kooky sense of humour. Check him out sometime – you’ll be glad you did.

- 100% Rock Magazine

Just in case you missed out on “Record Store Day” goodies, Joe Algeri (Jack & The Beanstalk, Britannicas) has a gift for you. This is an extended single from the forthcoming album, ‘Whether I’m Arthur or Martha.’ The single is a rocking tribute to the Record Store experience and a great addition to you playlist. Next the punk anthem “F•ck It” is very much in the spirit of The Sex Pistols, and a cover of Neil Young’s “Heart Of Gold” sounds like it could’ve come from Neil’s ill-fated Trans album. Hey this is great free stuff, Joe. Keep it comin’!

- Powerpopaholic

Après Robin Wills qui nous rappelle que le 45 tours est la BO de nos vie, c'est au tours de l'australien Joe Algeri de nous vanter les mérites du disquaire de quartier, celui où on vient chercher son import des Real Kids et où on prend de la hauteur à discuter de Big Star (selon les paroles). Le tout sur fond de power-pop diablement entrainante. Le EP, digital pour le moment, renferme une reprise électro-barge de "Heart of Gold" de Neil Young (à réserver au fan ... d'electro pas de Neil Young!! ) et une reprise acoustique beaucoup plus roots du Sin City des Burritos volants... Sachant que l'intégrale des dons iront soit à sortir la chose en vinyl, soit à restaurer la scène de Pure Pop Records à melbourne (?!), vous savez où télécharger le disque.

- Rémi T

The four tracks that make up this EP meanders through different genres (if you like to pigeon hole things) and not only delivers the classic sound of The Jac's Power Pop influences but also dips into a bit of electronica and country and their rendition of these styles is tastefully done and fun, bloody good fun!

- Rick.N.Baker

For the uninitiated, the JAC is actually a vehicle for the mercurial musings of singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joe Algeri.

Hot on the heels of the JAC’s excellent debut album Faux Pas arrives a comparably intoxicating disc Record Store (EGO Records), which features an array of equally talented and respected folks from the independent music scene — including Herb Eimerman of the Britannicas, Stefan Johansson from the Lemon Clocks, the Coalminer’s Sect’s Jason Clearly and former Tricks member Phil Barry.

The title cut of this effort starts out voicing the pleasure of shopping in one’s favorite music shop, then ends with a sad commentary on the demise of such operations. Saturated with circles of commanding guitars, stirring harmonies, muscled melodies and a slaving backbeat that attacks each cell of the body, Record Store skillfully crosses hummable pop insights with the drive and intensity of bands like the Who and the Replacements.

Dripping with snot and sass, the brisk and blunt “Fuck It” rushes forth with mean and lean rhythms, a sleepy-eyed version of Neil Young’s “Heart Of Gold” examines the JAC indulging in the beeping joys of electronica, and the Flying Burrito Brothers are given credible homage on a loyal treatment of “Sin City,” which was recorded in a mere four minutes with a single microphone.

Covering everything from punk rock to power pop to country to experimental sounds, Record Store may be schizophrenic, but the songs are so good and delivered with honesty that they practically transcend genre-labeling. Australia has always been praised for its inspirational artists, and in the shape of the JAC, here’s a true blue testimony to their knowledge, understanding and dedication of merited music.

But the four-track disc is simply a sneak preview of what lies ahead, as the JAC will soon be releasing a complete album. And judging from what’s offered on Record Store, you can bet your booty it will be a gold-star winner!

- Beverly Paterson

There was a time in the ‘90s when Joe Algeri was on almost any line-up at any of the favoured original music watering holes. From then he travelled to Europe and became better acquainted with women’s clothing until settling in Sweden for some years. Now back in Perth he is hitting his home studio with the regularity that he used to have for the stage. Record Store is hot on the tails of the debut The JAC album and a collection of Christmas ditties.

The title track is the kind of power pop gem that Algeri can conjure on autopilot, while remaining as solid a tune as he has penned. If you are a fan of chiming guitars and a melody that won’t let go then this doesn’t disappoint. Fuck It could be Algeri’s first foray into punk like territory and its aggressive minute-and-a-half is probably a result of him venturing too close to the Armadale line.

The advantages of having your own studio is evident with the electronic take on Heart Of Gold. The vocoder is given a good working over as Algeri turns Neil Young into a Mi-Sex sounding classic. Its pretty difficult to ruin a Gram Parsons tune, and this acoustic version of Sin City was always going to be in fine hands with farm boy Algeri.

Record Store is another ripper from Joe Algeri. You too should get The Jac!

- Chris Havercroft

It's a digital four-track single for you and a promo CD for me. We normally don't review "promo only" items but all these cuts are available digitally. If you're a fan and you ask hard enough, The JAC (aka Joe Algeri) might burn a physical copy.

"Record Store" is a cracking pop song, a multi-national (as in collaboration of players from West Australia and Sweden) effort that mixes jangling guitars with sheets of power-pop chording. It's very much in the vein of Algeri's old outfit Jack And the Beanstalk, who bore more than a passing relationship to fellow Perth travellers The Stems and The Chevelles, so you know it's good.

"Fuck It" is a blink-and-you-miss-it minimalist rant while an ethereal cover of Neil's "Heart Of Gold" (synth pop like "Trans") and a bare bones - no, skeletal - take on The Flying Burrito Brothers' "Sin City" bring up the rear. With the exception of "Heart Of Gold", they feel a bit throwaway but if you want fully realised, you'll have to wait for the next album.

- The Barman

Australian musician and studio wizard Joe Algeri, recording as The JAC, crafts an energetic tribute to a dying breed of retail outlets with his new CD single, “Record Store.” Taken from the soon-to-be-released album, Whether I’m Arthur Or Martha, this would would make a great theme song for Record Store Day. Algeri’s clever lyrics capture the joy of searching bins for vinyl rarities and discovering new bands on the overhead sound system. He also throws in a tale of unrequited love.

“When I walk in I always feel so fine,” Algeri notes, and his visit improves even more when he confers with an attractive employee about bands like Big Star. “I’ve got my Motorhead t-shirt on/Even though I only like three songs,” Algeri sings, adding another band reference. The arrangement is more pure power pop than Algeri’s previous efforts as The JAC, or his work with bassist-vocalist Herb Eimerman and guitarist-vocalist Magnus Karlsson in the 1960s-inspired The Britannicas. Eimerman helps out on “Record Store,” along with musicians Stefan Johansson, Phil Barry, and Jason Cleary.

“Record Store” ends with a double disappointment for the enamored customer when he arrives to find his favorite clerk has left and the store is having a going out of business sale. Sad, but all too true these days. The CD single comes with three bonus tracks, including The JAC’s interpretation of how “Heart Of Gold” would have sounded if Neil Young had recorded it for his later, more techno-oriented release, Trans.

- Terrence Flamm

Joe Algeri permanece en estado de gracia, en menos de un año se ha editado tres discos contando con este “Record Store”. Cuatro temas hechos con total libertad como el mismo dice, ya que al no estar atado a ninguna compañía hace lo que le viene en gana, y ,que de otra manera, posiblemente no fuera tan sencillo ver editado el trabajo. Por un lado y tirando del sonido con que llamo nuestra atención hace ya muchos años, cuando dió a conocer banda Jack and The Beanstalk con las influencias de los Plimsouls o Real Kids. En esta ocasión hace un tema redondo que parece robado a los mismísimos Ramones con la vena hinchada de pop sin adulterar y que da título a este disco “Record Store” y a esa visión que algunos hemos sentido cuando los discos no se compraban o se descargaban por un ordenador y tenías que ir a una tienda de discos. La malsonante “Fuck it” me temo que no será pinchada en emisoras que mime a sus escuchantes con especial celo, minuto y medio de guitarras crudas que dan paso a una marcianada que de no ser por la autoedición posiblemente jamás hubiera sido editada. Directamente nos metemos en los 80’s ,en la programación de instrumentos electrónicos y ese vocoder que fue usado hasta la saciedad y con el cual nos reencontramos en una asombrosa versión del clásico de Neil Young “Heart of Gold”, muchos gritaran horrorizados pero yo le encuentro su punto a esta adaptación, que da paso a otra recuperación, en esta ocasión un tema de uno de mis discos imprescindibles “The Gilded Palace of Sin” y un “Sin City” que firmaron Gram Parsons y Chris Hillman, que Joe hace en acústico junto a Phil Barry y Erika como si estuvieran en el salón de tu casa únicamente con unas guitarras y sus voces. Un ep curioso que hoy aterrizo en mi buzón. ¡Gracias Joe!.

- Oscarkotj-2013

Joe Algeri is at it again, cooking up another fun, power pop anthem for The JAC in the uptempo smash, "Record Store." About as perfect a rocking pop number as there is, "Record Store" sports an ultra-catchy melody, great vocals and a strong hook. And, what's more, it makes you want to play it again as soon as it's done spinning. It's pretty damn infectious, and you'll be hearing it very soon on Pure Pop Radio.

- Alan Harber, Pure Pop Radio


released March 1, 2013


Recorded and produced by Joe Algeri. Mastered by Darren J. Hallifax.

Photo by Nicklas Barker at Mickes Skivor, Stockolm, Sweden.

See individual tracks for further information.


all rights reserved



Egomaniac Music Perth, Australia

Egomaniac Music is the home for Joe Algeri and related musical interests. Joe is a songwriter and producer from Perth, Western Australia now known as the JAC. He is also a member of The Jangle Band, The Outryders (AUST) and the Britannicas (AUST/SWE/USA). ... more

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